[title size=”2″]Innovative Company since 1987[/title]

ES-PE GmbH sees itself as an innovative company, which places the wishes of its customers at the centre of the thinking and trade. Our company’s goal is to provide our customers with optimal quality.

Through thoroughly monitoring of the labour market and subsequent direct contact to our clients, we are able to develop a new, forward-looking form of employment placement, which is based on flexibility and performance strength to success at all levels.

ES-PE cares of job seekers as well as employers on the basis of their individual desires. In this way, we can guarantee to our applicants that they are not only placed them to trustworthy, serious employers, but they are also placed according to their inclinations and abilities.

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Our core competency is to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the labour market at all times, so that we are constantly analysing current trends and looking for new solutions for developments in the labour market. That is why it is of utmost importance for us to shape our corporate structure flexibly and innovatively. Our employees, applicants and employers are opting for ES-PE because they are enthusiastic about our concept, follow our corporate vision and place their trust in our work.

Due to our professional operation method and our fast reaction time, we have made a very good reputation among our customers in recent years. We are also known as a reliable partner through the close cooperation with the Federal Agency for Labour. ES-PE stands for professional competence, innovation, seriousness and a modern corporate culture. Our good name, which we have made in the past years due to our work policy, we want to continue with all efforts and further expand through future-oriented competence fields

[title size=”2″]Managing Director[/title]

ES-PE GmbH was founded by Sabine Bembenek in 1987.
She has constantly focused on seriousness, conscientiousness and the realization of customer needs. The long-term cooperation with corporate groups as well as the satisfaction of the employees shows that ES-PE has always set the right concept. Only satisfied employees are good employees, only satisfied customers continue placing orders with us.

Sabine Bembenek set on success through quality, especially in times when the challenges to the labor market are constantly growing. With all professionalism, she attaches great importance to a special corporate culture. At ES-PE you will find the friendliness of the small company combined with the opportunities of the big ones.