[title size=”2″]Quality & Certified Management System[/title]
ES-PE stands for the highest quality of temporary placement and direct employment.
The company is, of course, ISO 9001 certified in these sectors:

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[title size=”2″]ES-PE for Employees and Companies[/title]

[one_half last=”no”]The most important basic elements of human coexistence are the basis for cooperation with our employees and customers. On an honest and serious basis we ensure a high level of Security through reliable and partnership-based behaviour. We are always aware of the importance of our responsibility as an interface between people and labour. Therefore, we act with the utmost care. We work professionally, uncomplicated and, of course, discreetly. This is why our employees and customers trust us.[/one_half]

[one_half last=”yes”]Our offer is aimed at jobseekers, who are registered and classified by means of personal discussions and specially developed profile sheets, so that we receive detailed information on the applicants, including their qualifications, their previous professional experience and their professional wishes, which results in considerable advantages for the respective employer. Enterprises benefit from our matching applicants suggestions for placement in terms of time savings, reduced administrative and personnel costs and the optimal filling of vacancies.[/one_half]


[title size=”2″]Safety[/title]

  • Work safety, health and environmental protection are topics that have shaped day-to-day business from the begin. Therefore in 2005, we decided to introduce an integrated management system that would be even better able to promote the interests of occupational safety, health and environmental protection (SGU). Download: Policy Statement
  • The SGU management system provides a framework for action that ensures stable and, as far as possible, trouble-free processes. The system defines measurable targets for the areas of work safety, health and environmental protection, which are to be implemented in the daily work. Our customers as well as our employees profit from this.
  • The review of our SGU management system by ICG has shown, that our integrated management system fulfils the requirements of SCP (Security Certified Personnel Services).After the successful certification audit, we will continue to strive to further optimize our services in terms of work safety, health and environmental protection.

[title size=”2″]Certificate of Permit[/title]
An unrestricted permit for the temporary placement of workers, safety certificates of the tax office and the social security funds as well as a very good credit rating ensure the smooth cooperation. The application of the innovative BAP / DGB tariff ensures an optimal balance of the interests of our customers, the companies and the employees.